Anna brings all the benefits of Adaptive Performance™ to a high output, mid-sized enclosure. Weighing just 135 pounds (61 kg), the exceptional output to weight ratio makes Anna exceptionally versatile, with applications ranging from small clubs and houses of worship, to large arenas and touring production.

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Anna’s 100° horizontal dispersion further extends the capabilities of Adaptive Systems, columns of Anna can be flown as mains or mixed with columns of Anya within the same array to extend Anya’s outstanding fidelity to even greater coverage possibilities.

With Anna’s unique ability to adapt coverage perfectly to audience geometry without the need for physical articulation and independent of position, the system can be flown above projection/video screens, minimizing visual impact of the system without sacrificing audio fidelity.

Phase response is spectacularly flat and three-dimensional coverage is software-optimized, so engineers can have confidence that their mix will translate ideally to every seat. In every venue. Every time.

All of Anna’s 14 transducers are optimally sized for their intended bandwidth. This extreme device resolution provides precision coverage of the audience via processing alone. IR sensors on each face automatically detect array configurations while internal diagnostics continuously analyze every system element and even heal the system coverage in the unlikely event of a fault.

Because there are no splay angles, Anna hangs only one way – straight. With its exceptionally small footprint and lack of physical articulation, Anna can blend in seamlessly with architecture, delivering stunning performance while minimizing visual impact in aesthetically sensitive situations.

Anna perfectly matches the three dimensional coverage requirements of a venue, minimizing disruptive reflections off balcony fronts, while maximizing impact and clarity. Multi-tiered balconies are perfectly covered without the need for fills or delays; Anna delivers remarkable performance while minimizing venue infrastructure requirements.

With its extreme, unparalleled source resolution, Anna provides extraordinary coverage consistency and sound quality compared with mechanically articulated arrays. The source resolution available in Anna offers a major performance benefit, even if coverage only needs to be static.

Each Anna system includes flybars, power and network distribution, cabling, pallets and covers – so total capital investment is clearly defined up-front without hidden costs.

Up to 18 modules hang straight per column with a 10:1 design factor (15 can be hung from just a single 1-ton motor). The flybar allows 4 different methods of motor attachment and easily lock together, creating seamless multi-column arrays that provide up to 360° of coverage. Anna also works perfectly alongside Anya arrays.

Resolution™ uses a venue model to quickly determine the ideal three-dimensional wavefront that will perfectly and consistently cover the defined audience area. It then rapidly calculates the processing required for Anna to precisely create a wavefront which perfectly matches the room geometry.



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