Adapt In Real Time.

EAW Anya is a complete, self-contained, high-power sound reinforcement system that adapts all performance parameters electronically, allowing it to be used in virtually any application. Columns of Anya modules hang straight, without any vertical splay, and Resolution™ 2 software adapts total system performance to deliver consistent, full-range output across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. Extremely powerful and immensely scalable, Anya is suitable for anything from small venues to the largest stadiums.   See Product Specifications >>

Anya Works For You.

Anya Works For You.

Anya uses Adaptive Performance™ to deliver custom-sculpted vertical and horizontal coverage with full frequency response at all locations. Very large venues with radical physical dimensions no longer pose insurmountable challenges.

Anya is simple.

One module builds any number of unified, multi-column, straight hung arrays. There is only one way to rig them. There are no angles. There is no “J”. There is no pull-back. There are no side fills.

Anya is Powerful.

Anya is Powerful.

Each module includes 14 high frequency transducers, six mid frequency transducers and dual 15-in low frequency transducers as well as nearly 10,000 acoustic watts of class D amplifier power.

Anya sees everything.

Anya can cover nearly the entire 180 degree vertical plane. Each column covers 60 degrees. Add columns up to 360°. Adaptive Performance technology allows Anya to control the horizontal coverage of multi-column arrays.

Anya Responds.

Anya Responds.

Anya can reconfigure array performance in situ in a matter of seconds. No more dropping rigs to reconfigure angles. She can diagnose an internal fault and automatically adjust to compensate.

Anya is complete.

Simple, reliable rigging connects modules. Fly bars lock together for easy multi-column hangs. Preconfigured cables use standard connectors. Modules ride up to 4-high on a caster pallet with dimensions that work in standard truck pack configurations.

Adaptive Performance

Anya is not a line array, and Adaptive Performance is not beam steering.

anyaStadiumAdaptive Performance puts all aspects of the loudspeaker’s performance – directivity, output and frequency response – onto the control surface. The control parameters do not simply point sound in a particular direction; they shape the total sound field in three dimensions simultaneously to meet user-defined goals.

That is, each time a user assembles an array and connects that array to Resolution software, Adaptive Performance generates optimal control parameters for that exact instance – it solves that specific problem.

Adaptive Performance starts with Anya, connected to Resolution software and placed in a venue both physically and in Resolution’s modeling system. The algorithm in Resolution then executes a series of goal-seeking operations to optimize total coverage to user-defined specifications.

First, the algorithm generates control parameters that allow a single column to meet its goals, treating each column in a multi-column array separately at first. Next, it compares horizontally adjacent cells to identify and normalize differences that could produce an acoustical anomaly along the seam. Finally, Resolution harmonizes all the columns to generate the best possible performance from the total array to evenly cover the total venue. This includes applying control parameters across horizontal rows of transducers, adapting array performance in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

The process described above represents the basic settings – the bootstrap. With acoustical measurement tools, users can refine performance, confirming blueprint specifications with real time test that define the listen area with in-situ, empirical measurements.