Born from more than 15 years of research and technology development, Anya is the most technologically advanced sound system ever created.

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Anya is a one module solution. Arrays hang straight and precision coverage of any venue is controlled completely through software. No down-fill or long-throw modules are required.

Anya delivers infinitely customizable, venue specific coverage with such precision that the acoustical impact of the room can be virtually eliminated.

Because the phase response is spectacularly flat and three-dimensional coverage is software-optimized, engineers can have confidence that their mix will translate exceptionally well to every seat in every venue.

Anya arrays function as a cohesive entity, always allocating the pattern control and output of the entire array to the coverage area that you define – and nowhere else.

All of Anya’s 22 transducers are optimally sized for their intended bandwidth. Gone are large-format compression drivers with audible break up modes and gone are small format low frequency drivers that are asked to do too much.

Didn’t have time to calculate the angles? That’s OK. There are no angles. Anya modules only rig one way – straight.

Because the coverage can be controlled electronically and is optimized via software alone, engineers can be confident that their mixes will translate well to all seats within the coverage area, and that Anya systems will sound consistent from venue to venue.

In the face of change – adapt. If the trim height changes, the barricade moves, they open up the balcony, or the neighbors are complaining, simply change a few numbers in Resolution™ software and be back to optimal in minutes. No mechanical alterations are necessary.

Each Anya system includes flybars, power and network distribution, cabling, dollies and covers – so total capital investment is clearly defined up-front without hidden costs.

Up to 18 modules hang straight per column with a 10:1 design factor. The flybar allows 4 different methods of motor attachment and easily lock together, creating seamless multi-column arrays that provide up to 360 degrees of coverage.

Resolution™ software uses the defined venue model to quickly determine the ideal three-dimensional wavefront that will perfectly and consistently cover the defined audience area. Resolution™ then calculates the processing required for Anya to precisely create the very wavefront.


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