EAW Users

West Fargo High School Adds Theater With EAW Sound Reinforcement

The West Fargo Public School District recently transitioned a 9th grade center into  Sheyenne High School to accommodate the rapidly increasing population in the area. The conversion to a high school required a variety of additions to the building including a new performing arts space…


Miami’s Mix3 Sound Joins EAW Adaptive Systems Network

 Mix3 Sound, Inc., located in Miami, Florida, recently added a new EAW Anya system to their rental inventory. The announcement was made by Rusty Waite, EAW VP of sales. “John Ferlito and the folks at Mix3 have been loyal EAW customers for many years –…


EAW Loudspeakers Deliver Tailored Sound for Adas Israel

Houses of Worship pose greater acoustic challenges than just about any other type of room. They’re often large and asymmetrical with high ceilings and hard surfaces in abundance. Sometimes they’re filled to capacity; other times, there are just a handful of congregants. A variety of…


Asian Hard Rock Cafés Turn To EAW’s JFL Series

The Hard Rock Café takes rock seriously. No matter where you are in the world, the Hard Rock experience surrounds you with the sounds, sights, and memories of rock ‘n’ roll through the ages. And in Asia, the Hard Rock is also known for presenting…

QX Series Loudspeakers

QX Series Loudspeakers Deliver Big Sound to Small Venues

Small venues can pose big sound problems. The same walls that create intimacy and atmosphere also create headaches for sound engineers wanting to fill the room evenly, with sound. Fortunately, QX series loudspeakers is ideal for any size room. The Isis Restaurant & Music Hall…

Lakeside Column Array

EAW’s Steerable Column Arrays Circle Lakeside Rink

Delivering amazing sound is a tricky prospect when the audience is sitting still. But what if the audience is in constant motion? Making laps around the perimeter of the venue? On skates? Skating rinks pose a peculiar set of sound challenges, especially if the goal…


Anya Energizes Easterfest. Not the Neighbors.

For years, the organizers of the annual Easterfest event in Toowoomba, Australia, simply accepted noise complaints from residents near the venue as a permanent cost of doing business. Situated just a few hundred feet from nearby neighborhoods, it seemed as though spillover noise – and…