Otto™ is the world’s first Adaptive™ subwoofer, extending Adaptive Performance to the lowest octaves of the frequency spectrum (22Hz – 106Hz) scalable to all performance types and venue sizes.

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Otto provides users with the ability to define the coverage they need in 3D and based on this input, generates the optimal array configuration required. Coverage can then be further varied in‐situ through software in realtime.

Through Resolution™, users can balance coverage consistency, SPL, impact and rejection. On-board diagnostics and Adaptive Healing continuously monitor and correct performance in real time.

Otto was designed to provide the most flexible and simplified hardware platform possible. This includes rigging that allows modules to be rigged with consistent (all woofers facing same direction) and alternating (staggered front‐rear/side‐side) orientations.

Otto modules can be used in many different configurations, including in flown and ground-stacked arrays with multiple columns or rows, depending on the acoustical performance required for a given application.

With a single module, Otto can provide omni, cardioid or hyper-cardioid patterns (or anywhere in between). In arrays much more complex patterns and coverage are possible.

Otto’s square footprint, rotationally-symmetrical rigging and interlocking flybars make possible horizontal arrays, vertical arrays or nearly any combination of the two.

On board Power Plant includes amplification, processing, Dante™ networking, test button, microphone for acoustical test. Power Plant can easily be removed even when modules are in an array.

Offset Aperture™ loading pushes the acoustic output of the dual 18” woofers to the corners of the enclosure. This allows the enclosure to be placed in multiple orientations without compromising output. Modules can be placed adjacent to up to two surfaces without a significant impact on output. Because the woofers themselves are covered, harmonic distortion is suppressed.

On every face, infra‐red transceivers are used for array detection. Super‐bright LEDs are integrated with these, one per face, to assist in array identification to the user.

Distro racks and cabling are standardized within the Adaptive™ family. Anya and Otto can be flown with the same racks, looms and connectors, divisible into groups of six for powering and network connection.

Otto is the first subwoofer that allows users to define the coverage they want and then provides them with the best solution to achieve it..

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