2x 12-in cone, bent bass horn; 21-in cone, vented

Avalon SUB.two



The SUB.two is truly the world’s first hybrid subwoofer, delivering both the extreme extension and the massive physical impact required for the most demanding dance applications from a single enclosure.


Even the best loudspeaker designers struggle to meet the demands of the dance club world. And nobody in the dance club world has the scientific background or the technical facilities necessary to design a top-quality loudspeaker system. But Avalon by EAW is different from everything else. These amazing loudspeakers result from a unique partnership between a dance club designer and a loudspeaker designer. By combining their skills, they produced the most remarkable loudspeaker technology ever applied to the dance club world.

SUB BASS (20 HZ TO 100 HZ)

Avalon by EAW sub bass technology represents an entirely new platform designed exclusively for the dance club community.

The all-new Hybrid Subwoofer Technology™ in the SUB.two combines the best part of the two most common types of subwoofer: direct radiators and bass horns. Direct radiators employ large cones in large enclosures to generate warm, deep bass in the lowest octave. Bass horns load smaller drivers on long, “bent” horns to generate the punchy sound so prized in the dance club world.

SUB.two loads dual 12-in cones on a bent horn, but then installs a powerful 21-in cone at the end of the flare. This revolutionary approach delivers both warm, rich, ultra-low bass and a concussive, physical punch.

Because it uses two separate subsystems, this allows EAW engineers to work with venue designers and DJs to custom craft processor settings to meet their specific tastes.

  • World’s first hybrid subwoofer
  • Dual 12-in cones on a bent bass horn
  • 21-in direct-radiating cone, vented
  • Warm, deep lows of a direct radiator
  • Massive impact of a bass horn

1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas – Opening Night New Year’s Eve 2011



VLF 1 2x 12-in cone, bent bass horn

VLF 2 21-in cone, vented




Operating Range (-10 dB, dB SPL)

VLF1 (-10 dB) 35 – 250

VLF2 (-10 dB) 20 – 190

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

VLF1 (Whole Space/Half Space) 101/107

VLF2 (Whole Space/Half Space) 92/98

Power Handling/Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

VLF 1 1000 @ 4

VLF2 1800 @ 4

Maximum Output (dB SPL @ 1m, peak/long term)

VLF 1 (whole space) 137/131

VLF1 (half space) 140/134

VLF2 (whole space) 131/125

VLF2 (half space) 138/132



Avalon by EAW delivers the ultimate dance club sound experience for those who seek the very finest life has to offer. To ensure that every Avalon by EAW installation is an absolute gem, all projects must use an Avalon by EAW Authorized Sound Designer from our global network of the world’s best dance club sound designers.

Authorized Sound Designers will work in partnership with venue owners, architects, interior designers and EAW’s renowned Application Support Group (ASG) to create and install sound systems carefully crafted to the needs of each venue.

After ASG reviews and approves a design submitted by an authorized sound designer, EAW will accept an order and the system can be installed. When installation is complete, ASG will visit the site to inspect and help commission the system. All commissioned systems will be certified with an Avalon by EAW Certified plaque listing the club name, registration number and date of commissioning.


All Avalon by EAW orders must specify a finish package. Standard packages include four options for the grille and logo. Horn (where exposed) and surround trim ring can match the grille/logo (color-matched) or match the enclosure, using the premium finish (Piano for standard black / Polar for standard white). Premium packages use automotive-class enclosure finishes in Piano Black and Polar White.

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height: 29/737
Width: 36/914
Depth: 36/914

Weights (pounds/kilograms)

Net: 286/129

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