The CR72z two-way, passive full range loudspeaker system is engineered to reproduce today’s full bandwidth digital surround tracks in smaller cinemas. It features an 8-in woofer and a 1-in dome tweeter mounted in a slanted baffle.

The CR72z is specifically engineered to cover a larger seating area with higher quality, higher output sound than traditional cinema surrounds.

The passive crossover/filter network included in the CR72z goes beyond merely dividing the signal and actually performs critical equalization functions. This means it will provide more detailed, natural reproduction of any sonic event occurring in the 360° aural arena. The crossover/filter network tailors HF response to match the SMPTE/ISO 2969 response curve. The SMPTE/ISO 2969 X-Curve portion of the crossover/filter can be disabled by the use of a jumper located on the input panel, offering greater flexability.

The front baffle is angled down 15° to accommodate overhead mounting. The optimally vented enclosure increases LF response while limiting driver excursion. This method produces less distortion and minimizes driver strain while extending LF response to the lowest octaves.

The input connector – a 2-terminal barrier strip that accommodates bare wire, tinned leads or spade lugs – is located on top of the enclosure. For safety, the cloth grille is attached with multiple threaded fasteners.

The CR72z ships from the factory with its mounting bracket fully attached for ease of installation, eliminating the need to order seperate mounting bracketing.



Transducer: LF – 1 x 8 in. cone; HF – 1 x 1 in. Soft dome Tweeter

Loading: LF – Vented

Single-amp Operating Mode:
Amplifier Channels: LF/HF; External Signal Processing: High pass filter


Operating Range:Nominal – 60 Hz to 16 kHz with switchable SMPTE/ISO 2969 X-Curve

Nominal Beamwidth (rotatable): 100º Conical

Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL):
LF/HF 920dB: 60 Hz to 16 kHz

Input Impedance (ohms):
LF/HF: Nominal- 8; Minimum- 6.6 @ 200 Hz

High Pass Filter: High Pass =>50 Hz, 24 dB/octave Butterworth

Accelerated Life Test:
LF/HF 42.4V; 225W @ 8 ohms

Calculated Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL):
LF/HF: Average- 116 dB; Peak- 126dB


EAW CR72z Full Range Loudspeaker Black: Part# 2037547-90