Simulation software that accurately predicts the performance of multiple arrays within a venue.

EAW Pilot


EAW Pilot™ delivers  Greybox™ settings for EAW loudspeaker systems and lets user control any user-addressable processing parameters. Pilot™ can interface with UX Series digital processors, EAW’s NT Powered loudspeaker systems or supported, 3rd-party “smart amplifiers”.

Regularly updated with the latest EAW signal processing innovations, EAW Pilot allows users to apply EAW Focusing™ to an ever-expanding list of products for which they have been developed.


June 2015 – NT/NTL/NTS Firmware v.143 Installer released.

June 2015 – Greybox v1.26 released, including updated settings for KF series.

June 2015 – EAW Pilot v1.2.23 released, providing improved compatibility for Greyboxes with dynamic optimization.

  • Control any user-addressable processing parameters
  • Interface with UX Series digital processors
  • Use with EAW’s NT Powered loudspeaker systems
  • Works with other supported 3rd-party “smart amplifiers”


Video: Pilot Software Review with Bernie Broderick