JFL213 2-Way Full-Range Line Array Module


The JFL213 compact, two-way line array module features a range of EAW’s most innovative line array technologies within a mobile, light-weight package appropriate in a wide range of small- to medium-sized venues. With its companion subwoofer, the JFL118, this easy-to-use system solves problems in both portable and permanently installed applications.

The JFL213’s two-way design mounts dual 10-in cone transducers in an optimally vented enclosure and spaced to extend pattern control into the low frequency range. Three horn-loaded, 0.75-in exit / 1.75-in voice coil compression drivers deliver even dispersion of high frequency information over the entire 110° horizontal coverage area.

EAW engineers optimized the JFL213’s size, shape and weight for easy transport and setup by a single person, with side handles designed as part of the rigging system and aligned with the enclosure’s center of balance. Users can mount up to two JFL213s on a loudspeaker stand with a 35mm/1.38-in diameter pole. The cleverly-designed, dual-angle pole mount cup allows the bottom enclosure to be aimed 0° or -15°. (A two-module array with the lower modules aimed at -15° aims the upper module at 0°.) The JFL118 features an integrated pole mount cup, letting it serve as a large, stable base for pole mounting.

The JFL213’s ultra-strong rigging system allows users to hang up to five modules with a 10:1 safety factor, which meets or exceeds all standards enforced throughout the world. A single person can easily connect the modules to the accessory FB221 Fly Bar as well as to each other. The FB221 also doubles as
a ground stack base for up to four JFL213s. For permanent installation, each JFL213 provides a pair of M10 threaded mounting points.

The JFL213 allows users to switch between single- or bi-amp powering modes. The JFL213 delivers optimal performance when operated in bi-amp mode with an EAW UX Series digital processor. In addition to the HF shading filters, UX Series digital processor deliver EAW Focusing™ setting, which correct for anomalies that occur in the time domain of any loudspeaker or transducer.

Enclosures are protected by our tough, scratch-resistant RoadCoat™ finish and durable, foam-backed steel grilles protect the transducers. Six year warranty.

  • Two-way, constant curvature line array module
  • Compact and light; a “one-person lift”
  • Easy to mount, fly or ground stack
  • Two-module, pole-mounted arrays or up to five modules flown
  • Classic EAW output, pattern control and fidelity



Transducer: LF – 2x 10 in. cone; HF – 3x.75 in. exit, 1.75 in voice coil compression driver

Loading: LF – Vented; HF – Horn-loaded

Operating Mode:

Amplifier Channels: Single-amp LF/LF; Bi-amp LF,HF

External Signal Processing: High pass filter; DSP w/2-way filter


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

65 – 20k

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

LF: 96

HF: 102

Full Range: 95

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

LF: 800 @ 8

HF: 80 @ 16

Full Range: 800 @ 8

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

LF: 131

HF: 130

Full Range: 130

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

LF: 125

HF: 124

Full Range: 124

Nominal Coverage (degrees)

Horizontal: 110

Vertical: 15


LF: 2x 10-in cone, vented

HF: 3x .75-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded


Switchable: bi-amplified/passive



JFL213 Black 2039855-90

JFL213 White 2041840-90

Accessories Part Number
Eye Bolt Forged Shoulder M10 X 1.5 X 37mm
Flybar JFL & HDA Black [FB221]
Ground Stack Kit [ACC-GS210]

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height: 12.37/314

Width: 24.84/631

Depth: 15.64/397

Trap. Angle (degrees top and bottom): 7.5

Weights (pounds/kilograms)

Net: 62/28

Shipping: 75/34