Four 10-in LF cones, sealed, phase-aligned; dual 8-in MF cones, horn-loaded; dual 1.4-in exit HF compression drivers, horn-loaded.

KF740 3-Way Line Array Module


The KF740 line array system is optimized for the widest possible range of touring and installation applications. With output capabilities resembling the much larger KF760 and a footprint and weight similar to the KF730, the KF740 is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

The KF740 delivers the premium, high output, 3-way performance that is the hallmark of the KF Series in an extremely compact and easy-to-use package. Dual 2.5-in voice coil HF compression drivers and dual 8-in Concentric Summation Array (CSA) loaded MF transducers are integrated through a common horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure. The astounding pattern control offered by this configuration is extended down to 160 Hz as the MF devices are transitioned to a spaced array of four 2.5-in voice coil 10-in woofers. The pair of LF devices integrated within the MF/HF horn combined with the pair of side-mounted devices provides as much as 18 dB of off-axis rejection. EAW Focusing™ delivered via UX series processors precisely transitions from one system subsection to another while maintaining nearly perfect 90°control.

A full KF740 array provides seamless coverage from directly below the array to hundreds of feet in front. The vertical output can be tailored to match the requirements of any space by varying the splay angle as directed by EAW Resolution™ 2. The resultant configuration produces a coherent wave front of extended-range, high fidelity audio over the entire defined coverage area. The versatile KF740 can be integrated above KF730 modules or beneath KF760 modules to extend the reach of the range to any application imaginable. The impressive low frequency output and extension of the KF740 can be further enhanced by the use of the complementary SB2001 subwoofer. The truck-pack friendly KF740 is assembled in the USA with unrivaled construction details including cabinet grade exterior Baltic birch plywood enclosure, wear-resistant textured coating, powder-coated steel grille and extruded structural aluminum rigging.

Six year loudspeaker warranty.

KF LINE SOURCE VOICING UPDATE Leveraging data and experience from development of Adaptive Systems™ updated Greybox™ processing enhances performance of KF740, incorporating improved equalization, crossover, Focusing™ and limiting parameters for enhanced clarity and tonal balance without physical changes. The latest update also brings EAW DynO™ dynamic optimization (DynO enhancements require EAWPilot v1.2.23 or greater) to the KF740 for increased system protection at high levels, and unprecedented low-frequency headroom. Updated Greyboxes™ are available here.

  •  Extremely high output to size & weight ratio. Size and output capabilities allow it to be used in the widest variety of venues
  •  Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design, large horn(s) and Phase-Aligned™ woofers
  •  Incorporates latest EAW technologies including CSA™ and Focusing™ for outstanding mid and high frequency transient response and DynO™ dynamic optimization for unprecedented low frequency transient response and headroom
  • Fully compatible with KF760 and KF730 systems.



Transducer: LF – 4x 10 in cone; MF – 2x 8 in. cone; HF – 2x 1.4 in. exit, 2.5 in. voice coil compression driver

Loading: LF – Sealed, Phase Aligned™; MF – Horn-loaded w/CSA™ Aperture; HF – Horn-loaded

Operating Mode:

Amplifier Channels: Tri-amp LF, MF, HF

External Signal Processing: DSP w/EAW Focusing


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

50 – 19k

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL)

LF: 94

MF: 106

HF: 111

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

LF: 700 @ 8 (2x)

MF: 625 @ 8

HF: 200 @ 8

Calc. Max. Out Peak (dB SPL)

LF: 131

MF: 140

HF: 140

Calc. Max. Out Long Term (dB SPL)

LF: 125

MF: 134

HF: 134

Nominal Coverage (degrees)

Horizontal: 90

Vertical: 12


LF: 4x 10-in cone, sealed, phase aligned

MF: 2x 8-in cone, horn-loaded

HF: 2x 1.4-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded



KF740P Black 2034762

KF740P White 2034869

KF740P-WP Black 2034763

KF740 Black 0033033

Accessories Part Number
KF740 flybar, FB174
KF740 pallet, PLT74K
KF740/KF730 to KF760 adapter bar, AB7674-73
KF740 to KF730 adapter bar, AB7473
KF740P Flybar, FB174P
KF740 Fly Bar Ground Stack Kit, ACC-GS276
KF740 Spare Pin, QRP2
Zero Degree Adapter, ACC-0DEGKF
KF740 zero degree adapter use

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height (front): 13.00/330.2

Height (rear): 9.58/243.4

Width: 40.10/1018.5

Depth: 17.56/446.0

Trap. Angle (degrees, top and bottom): 6

Weights (pounds/kilogram)

Net (approx.): 107/48.6

Shipping (approx.): 120/54.4