Dual 12-in LF cones, horn-loaded; dual 10-in MF cones, horn-loaded; dual 2-in exit HF compression drivers, horn-loaded.

KF760 3-Way Line Array Module


The KF760 Series uses advanced divergence shading where all loudspeakers are powered at equal level. A full KF760/KF761 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath itself out to hundreds of feet without complex signal processing.

Vertical coverage for the array is set by varying the splay of the rear of the enclosures, leaving the fronts tight packed. This configuration produces a continuous, coherent wavefront from the array, projecting extended range, high resolution sound over its full coverage area.

Quality construction features include, Baltic birch plywood enclosures, heavy-duty steel grilles, Neutrik NL8 connectors, heavy duty bar handles, rear hand-holds, and accessory caster pallets. Six Year Warranty.

This high output touring system is scalable from theaters under 1,000 seats to stadiums. The KF760 is used as the short to long throw element of a KF760 Series line array providing coverage in the range of 70 to 400 feet. The KF761 supplements the KF760s to provide near-field coverage for distances less than 70 feet. The recommended minimum KF760/KF761 array size is four enclosures. For full performance eight enclosures are recommended.

  • High output to size/weight ratio. Size and output capabilities allow it to be used in the widest variety of venues.
  • Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design, large horn(s) and spaced woofers.
  • Compatible with KF740 and KF730 systems.



Transducer: LF – 2x 12 in. woofers; MF – 2x 10 in. Radial Phase Plug™; HF – 2x 2 in. exit, 3-in voice coil compression driver

Loading: LF – Horn-loaded; MF – Horn-loaded ; HF – Horn-loaded

Operating Mode:

Amplifier Channels: Tri-amp LF, MF, HF


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

80 – 16k

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

LF: 96

MF: 108

HF: 113

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

LF: 2000 @ 8 (2x)

MF: 800 @ 8

HF: 300 @ 8

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

LF: 135

MF: 142

HF: 144

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

LF: 129

MF: 136

HF: 138

Nominal Coverage (degrees)

Horizontal: 80

Vertical: Array-dependent


LF: 2x 12-in cone, horn-loaded

MF: 2x 10-in cone, horn-loaded

HF: 2x 2-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded





KF760 Black 997243

Accessories Part Number
KF760/761 Fly Bar, FB276
KF760/761 Fly Bar Ground Stack Kit, ACC-GS276
KF760/761 Pull Bar, PB176
KF760 over KF740/730 adapter bar, AB7674-73
KF760/761 Caster Pallet, PLT276
KF760/761 Spare Pin, QRP2

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height (front): 14.50/368

Height (rear): 12.90/327

Width: 45.00/1143

Depth: 31.0/787

Trap. Angle (degrees, top and bottom): 1.5

Weights (pounds/kilogram)

Net: 241/109.3

Shipping: 251/113.9