Four 10-in LF cones (vertical and horizontal pairs); 1.4-in exit HF compression driver, horn-loaded, with HF; 4-in exit HF compression driver, horn-loaded.

QX394 Two-Way Trapezoidal Enclosure


The new QX300 Series design delivers great output and renowned broadband pattern control similar to the QX500 Series three-way but in a new compact two-way format. Its large 4-in voice coil high frequency compression driver makes it possible to cover the mid-range frequencies. Its high output level makes it appropriate for medium throws in arenas and stadiums or high-energy applications like live music venues or dance clubs. Its broadband pattern control lets it tame hostile acoustical environments like cathedrals or highly reverberant public spaces. And its exceptional fidelity pleases the most critical listeners in concert halls and performing arts centers.

The QX394 has an ultra-efficient and unique high compression driver with a 90° x 45° constant directivity horn (one of six horn patterns available, ranging from 60° x 45° to 120° x 60°). Four Phase Aligned™ 10-in low frequency transducers arranged as vertical and horizontal pairs leverage beneficial interaction based on their spacing to extend pattern control.

Because the four low frequency transducers surround the high compression driver symmetrically in the horizontal and vertical planes, response across the full frequency spectrum appears to originate from a single point in space.

Users can select between single-amp and bi-amp operating modes. Additionally, each woofer pair is brought out to the input plate independently to permit independent, series, or parallel wiring. Combined, these features offer enormous installation flexibility.

Six year warranty.

  • High output, single or bi-amplified, two-way performance
  • Broadband pattern control
  • Ultra-efficient HF compression driver
  • Four Phase Aligned™ 10-in cone transducers (vertical and horizontal pairs)
  • Installation flexibility, compact size



Transducer:  LF 4. 10-in cone; HF 1. 1.4-in. exit, 4-in. voice coil compression driver

Loading: LF: Phase-Aligned™; HF: Horn-loaded

Amplifier Channels: Single-amp LF/HF; Bi-amp LF,HF

External Signal Processing: DSP w/EAW Focusing


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

66 – 20k

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

LF/HF: 107

LF: 102

HF: 109

Power Handling/Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

LF: 1800W @ 2 (single amp), 900W @ 4 (2x pairs)

HF: 150 W @ 8

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

LF/HF: 142

LF: 141

HF: 137

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

LF/HF: 136

LF: 135

HF: 131

Nominal Coverage (degrees)

Horizontal: 90

Vertical: 45


Full range: LF/HF

Bi-amp: LF, HF



EAW QX394 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker Black 2040495

EAW QX394 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker White 2042377

EAW QX394-WP 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker Black 2042386

Accessories Part Number
U-Bracket Horizontal QX3 Black [UBKT-QX3H]
Adapter Bracket QX Black [ACC-ABQX]
Weather Protection Shield [ACC-WPSQX3]

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height (front): 23.7/602

Height (rear): 13.4/341

Width (front): 23.7/602

Width (rear): 13.4/341

Depth: 19.9/505

Trap. Angle (degrees per side): 20

Trap. Angle (degrees top and bottom): 20

Weights (pounds/kilograms)

Net: 94/43

Shipping: 105/48