Dual 5.25-in LF cones, sealed; 1-in exit HF compression driver, horn-loaded.

UB22z Passive Two-Way Rectangular Enclosure


The UB22z is engineered for extra-wide-angled coverage (horizontal) from a wall mounted position. This ultra-compact loudspeaker provides surprisingly high output and exceptional fidelity for near field applications. It is highly effective as a fill/delay element in larger overall systems or for foreground/background music reproduction as a stand-alone loudspeaker or in distributed systems.

Because they are compact and lightweight, UB22zs install quickly and easily in difficult spaces. As components of larger overall systems, the UB22z series can be used to provide underbalcony,overbalcony, and side box area coverage. Applications as fill/delay elements include large and small theatres and houses of worship. As a main system, they can be built into high definition, distributed systems for use in industrial or retail environments and as standalone or distributed loudspeakers for boardrooms, restaurants, offices, and transportation centers.

Foam-backed grilles hide the drivers from view for pleasing aesthetics. Side mounting points allow enclosures to be mounted in using accessory brackets. Additional mounting points accept an OmniMount® 30.0 Series or similar bracket. Standard colors are black and white. Other colors can be specified as a special order item.

Six year warranty.

  •  Ultra-compact 2-way system
  • Wide projection pattern
  • LF on angled baffles to maintain a wide upper/midrange beamwidth
  • High output, high definition sound



Transducer: LF 2x 5.25-in cone; HF 1x 1-in exit, 44mm voice coil compression driver

Loading: LF Sealed; HF CD horn

Operating Mode:

Amplifier Channels: Single-amp LF/HF

External Signal Processing: High pass filter


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

85 – 20k

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

Full Range: 91

Power Handling/Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

Full Range: 200 @ 8

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

Full Range: 120

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

Full Range: 114

Nominal Coverage (degrees)

Horizontal: 120

Vertical: 50


LF: 2x 5.25-in cone, sealed

HF: 1-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded


Full range



UB22z Black 0013733-90

UB22z White 0017844-90

UB22zMTPL-WP 64W Black 0013735

UB22zPL-WP Black 0013736

Accessories Part Number
Aluminum U-bracket UB22z Black [UBKT22]
Aluminum U-bracket UB22z White [UBKT22]

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height: 11.74/298

Width: 11.68/297

Depth: 8.0/203

Weights (pounds/kilograms)

Net: 16/7.3

Shipping: 18/8.2