Dual 15-in sub bass cones, vented.

VFS250i Subwoofer


The VFS “i” revision brings the VF concept more fully into the EAW product line. VFS “i” Series black versions use handles from the KF and JF Series. An installation only white version comes without handles or a pole mount cup.

The VFS250i sub bass system includes dual, direct radiating 15-in LF cone transducers mounted in an optimally vented enclosure. Enclosure venting uses the enclosure’s resonance to enhance LF response while limiting driver wear.

The VFS250i black version includes traditional portable features such as a pole-mount cup, parallel NL4 4-terminal connectors, barrier strip inputs and handles that accept accessory covers for permanent installation. The white, installation-only versions omit handles and the pole-mount cup but include NL4 connector, barrier strip inputs and multiple mounting points. The new design leaves the enclosure sides completely smooth and attractive. Optional rigging hardware is available for preconfigured arrays of VFR and VFS systems.

Six year warranty.

  • High output sub bass system
  • Dual 15-in cone transducers
  • Optimally vented for increased response
  • Extended pole mount cup creates stable base
  • Easy lift handles (Black version only)



Transducer: SUB 2x 15 in cone

Loading: Vented

Operating Mode:

Amplifier Channels: Single-amp LF/LF

External Signal Processing: DSP w/1-way filter


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

30 – 160

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 99

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

Sub – Single Amp: 900 @ 4

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 134

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 128


Sub: 2x 15-in cone, vented, push/pull



VFS250i Black 2041017-90

VFS250i White 2041032-90

  • LF: 8-in cone, vented, coaxial with HF
  • HF: 1-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded

Dimensions (inches/millimeters)

Height: TBD

Width: TBD

Depth: TBD

Weights (pounds/kilogram)

Net: TBD

Shipping: TBD