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Where Can I Find Documentation for My EAW Product?

Documentation for EAW products can be found on our Documentation site, please see the links below:

Current Product Documentation

Legacy Product Documentation

Legacy Software

Product Manuals

Acoustical Data

EAW offers a number of different software applications:

EAW Resolution – The primary modeling tool for predicting the performance of EAW loudspeakers, and for controlling Adaptive Systems.

EAW Pilot – Provides control for UX Series processors.

EAWMosaic – Prediction and control for RADIUS products via iPad running iOS.

For any questions or assistance on using these software packages, please contact the Technical Support team.

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About Us

The Application Support Group includes individuals with extensive experience in all types of sound reinforcement applications, from the smallest clubs or houses of worship to the largest stadiums. Members have backgrounds in theatrical sound & lighting design, design/build contracting, touring/live sound reinforcement, studio recording, and system engineering and alignment. All are trained in the use of AutoCAD, EASE, and sound system measurement tools. Individual members are proficient in the use of the latest DSP applications, including, but not limited to, products from BSS, BiAmp, MediaMatrix, Symmetrix, Crown, QSC, Rane and many more.