Minimizing the Impact of the Coronavirus

Minimizing the Impact of the Coronavirus

At EAW we understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting all of us and our businesses in ways we did not anticipate. We would like to take a moment to outline its impact on the ability of EAW to be a reliable supplier and how we are working to keep our staff, their families, and our customers safe.

Existing and Standard Orders

EAW invests in inventory of standard and high-volume SKUs allowing us to fill most orders within 3 days regardless of supply disruptions.

Specialty orders like weather protected and custom colors – The extension of the Chinese New Year holiday due to Coronavirus caused some delays with custom orders. In most cases we have been able to support project schedules with expedited freight.

Spare Parts

There has been no disruption to spare part deliveries, and we do not anticipate any going forward.

New Products

The most significant impact to our operations has been to delivery of new products like MKD800, SB825, and SB828 where we have not had enough time to ramp up our inventory levels. In these cases, we are working with customers to meet project schedules by expediting freight.


All of our warehouses are functioning as normal. We continue to monitor the situation at our North American warehouse and will advise if there is any issue or anticipated delay.

Sales and Operations

We have developed plans that will enable our operations to continue even if the physical office must be closed for a time. In this event please continue to communicate as normal. Staff will still have access to email and office phones will be forwarded to an appropriate number(s).

Otherwise we are following CDC guidelines in multiple ways including limiting travel for all staff. As a responsible company, limits to travel are important as they reduce the peak number of those infected keeping the load on the health care system manageable. This ensures the vulnerable among us have access should they need serious medical attention.

Thank you for your continued support and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your business during this time.

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