About EAW

EAW manufactures professional loudspeaker systems that help production and integration businesses deliver even, powerful sound to large audiences in challenging acoustic environments. By specifying EAW products, our customers are able to differentiate their services from other providers and thrive in the professional sound marketplace.


Eastern Acoustic Work’s 45-year history of pioneering techniques and technology helped create the modern professional loudspeaker industry.

The Founder Era (1978-2000)

EAW was founded in 1978 by Kenneth Berger and Kenton Forsythe, who invested in the brand and technology with their passion for live sound and the industry. In the late 1970s and 80s, EAW’s MK, FR, and KF Series loudspeaker systems were pivotal in the industry, and EAW became the number one brand in the world by moving away from home-built cabinets using HiFi or Cinema drivers to purpose designed and engineered “off-the shelf” integrated professional systems. EAW’s KF850 was everywhere by the late 90s. During this time, EAW leveraged its success by creating numerous new technologies that were far ahead of their time such as ADAPTive, which allows loudspeaker coverage to be defined using software.

Investment Banker Era (2000-2017)

In 2000, a group of investment bankers purchased EAW and combined it with multiple other audio brands. During this time EAW saw some benefit from a larger pool of resources, but ultimately declined as its focus was diverted. Many critical functions were moved out of house and product level decisions were controlled elsewhere.

The Era of Resurgence (2018-present)

In September of 2018 EAW was purchased by The RCF Group, led by Arturo Vicari, who has spent his life building successful professional loudspeaker companies. EAW has since seen a rebirth in purpose and spirit with the goal of becoming the number one North American
loudspeaker brand.

EAW has once again become an independent company incorporated in Massachusetts. Service, production, logistics, sales networks, and product planning are now in our control. Customer service is the foundation of EAW, and we are committed to supporting you during and after the sale. The US warehouse has been reestablished and relocated to our headquarters, allowing us to ensure every delivery is completed with the proper urgency and attention to detail. Production has also expanded to North America in order to improve lead times. In addition to all these continuing customer service improvements, we never stop developing technology leading new products.

EAW has been helping professionals take control of their sound since 1978. Here is a partial list of EAW innovations and contributions to the audio industry:



1st EAW Public Show - AES Convention NY Waldorf Astoria Introduction of EAW (B-115, B-215, MR-109, B-212, MR-212, MK3000)

• Cross-Grain-Laminated Birch Enclosures

Polyurethane Reinforced Bass Horn Construction


EAW Introduces 1st Modern Mid-Bass Horn with integrated Phase Plug (MR109) & MK Series 1st “Tour Grade” Full Range Systems


EAW expands with ATC Transducers

• European advanced transducer technology introduced in the USA

• MS50 Studio Monitor

• Minimum diffraction front baffle

• Passive radiator port substitute

• Soft-dome ferro-fluid tweeter



RCF Cost-Effective, Advanced European transducer technology & SM Series Off-the-Shelf “Tour Grade” Stage Monitors


EAW expands with High Output Direct Radiating Studio Monitor (MS300) & Cost Effective Hornloaded Full Range System (FR35o)


EAW, working with Richard Long Associates (RLA), produced worldleading Disco/Dance Clubs Systems

• Pioneered horn-loaded subwoofers

• Hyperbolic Bass Horn


CS-3 1st “One-box” Hornloaded system EAW & Carlo Sound (Combining BH215 bass horn, MR102 midbass horn & Community BRH90 - JBL2440 HF horn/driver)


2nd Generation One-Box “Truck Pack” Optimized Flying System (KF550 System)

• Aircraft Seat-Track Flying hardware

• Horn-loaded mid bass


Cost Effective Professional Full Range Systems (FR Series)

• Cross-Grain-Laminated Birch Enclosures

• Wide coverage waveguide HF driver

• True three-way system 


1st Mid-Size Dome Based Studio Monitor (EAW/RCF SCD6000)

• Single massive magnet assembly MH/HF domes

• Fero-Fluid Cooled drivers

1st Compact High Output Dual Driver Stage Monitor (SM202)


Introduction of KF-850, which becomes the world standard “One-box” touring system (KF850/SB850)

• Trapezoid flying array configuration

• Wide bandwidth horizontal coverage control

• Efficient truck-pack 4-across by 2-high


EAW expands the KF range with the KF600, 1st Mid-Format Touring / Install System

• True three-way design

• Integrated slot-loaded low-frequency driver

• Integrated aircraft track hang-points


Anaheim Stadium (Custom AS300 & with Standard EAW Products)

• Custom designed multielement system built to consultant requirements

• 1st ballpark high bandwidth/quality distributed system

• Defined modern arena/stadium sound system design



1st Three-Way Small Format Full Range System for theater market (KF300)

• Carbon fiber cone MF driver

• Switch selectable Bi/Triamplification

• Nicknamed: “ten-pounds of stuff in a five-pound bag”


MX800i Closely Coupled Electronic Processor (CCEP) Introduced

• That Corp. VCA limiters, provide optimized driver protection while maintaining tonal balance

• Internal factory Pre-Sets for the VA family systems

• Factory calibration LED notification


JF Series introduced creating a new class of compact systems for both portable and installed applications

• 1st true pro performance in very compact systems

• Higher output than “typical HiFi based” existing pro compact systems


Disney Lamppost System Early Passive Steering Loudspeaker

•1st steered commercial product, beginning the developments that ultimately leads to EAW’s adaptive systems

•Asymmetrical vertical coverage

•Very complex passive network with a downward lobe


EAW 1st company to offer real detailed Consultant & Contractor design data APP Program

• Electronic distribution

• Binder/paper/floppies

• Dial-up BBS

• One-line web



EAW, working with Peak Audio, installs the first US adaptive sound system in the United States Senate Chamber

• Early Media Matrix DOS computer-based DSP

• Custom speaker high density small driver vertical and horizontal arrays that look like picture frames.

1995 - 1998

EAW recognized worldwide as leader in Stadium/Arena Sound Systems

• Over 20,000 systems worldwide

• Installed in theaters on five contents


EAW Expands into High End of Retail Pro Loudspeaker Market (LA Series) EAW Quality and Durability for performing musicians


EAW is one of the first Pro Audio sites on the World Wide Web with

• Pioneer for providing design and product in formation on the world wide web

• Sound reinforcement industry online resource center


1st Change in high output distributed ceiling speakers in half a century (CP621)

• Matched directivity and coverage through the crossover region

• Very high output

• Phased array of small LF drivers


Custom engineered systems for multiple Atlanta Olympic venues. KF860 Series Virtual Line Array system debuts at opening & closing ceremonies:

• Adjustable vertical coverage rigging system

• Extremely high output

• Unprecedented broadband rear rejection


Ultra-small frontal area subwoofer as an analog subwoofer power ally solution (SB1000)

• Smallest frontal area of any high output subwoofer system

• Exceptional power handling and output


EAW Fire “The Heat of Fire The Art of Running”



EAW Three-Way Cinema Screen Loud speaker Systems

• 1st fundamental new cinema loud speaker designs in decades.

• Ignited cinema audio advances that resulted in today’s immersive audio environments.


1st Dedicated Dance Club Systems (Avalon Series)
• Built on the success of EAW collaboration with RLA in the 1980s
• Co-developed with John Lyons and became the world standard for large dance clubs for the next decade


1st Full Range of Compact High Output Defined Coverage Systems (MK 5XXX & 2XXX Series)
• Comprehensive family of woofer sizes (10,12 &15inch)
• 1st systems to offer full complement of coverage angles to fulfill consultant designs


PPST 1st Beam forming Array Touring Systems (KF900 Series)
• Capable of projecting intelligible sound beyond 600 feet
• The 1st modular wide bandwidth adaptive beam forming high output loudspeaker system
• Based on FChart proprietary array measurement, steering and modeling software


EAW Buys SIA Smaart (Smaart 4 Live & Tools)
• Brought computer-based audio measurement out of the lab to virtually all users
• 1st widespread use of FFT analysis allowing time-based information
• Rapidly became world standard for touring system alignment.


ASG Application Support Group
• Design support to contractors
• Interface with consultants for custom EAW system development.


Modern Ultra High Output Sub-Woofer Bass Horn (BH882 & KF940)
• 1st Generation of modern compact true subwoofer bass horns
• Provided greater directivity and output than was previously possible in portable systems


KF750 Series Acoustic Singularity Touring System
• 1st real concentric design array-able full range system
• Pioneered CSA and phase aligned Low Frequency technologies


Advanced Horn Loaded Array Modular Range Systems (MQ Series)
• 1st system to give consultants very-high-output defined coverage arrayable elements
• Tuned bi-polar low frequency woofer array extends coverage control below 200Hz.



EAW merges with Mackie Designs, bringing together advanced loudspeaker, DSP and amplifier technology in one company (later renamed LOUD Technology)


KF760 EAW’s second generation line array touring loudspeaker

• The first all horn-loaded line array system

• Introduces divergent shading technology

• Advances the design of adjustable rigging systems


EAW introduces the JFX series offering improved performance and better value version of the larger JF systems


EAW Introduces SLAM Line Array providing the cost efficiency of bi-amped three-way system along with phase aligned low frequency subsystem


DSA–the first digitally steerable wide bandwidth array

• 1st fully integrated (loudspeaker/DSP/amplifier) compact wide bandwidth system with computer control

• Created the modern adaptive loudspeaker system


25th Anniversary marking EAW’s 25 years of innovation.


EAW introduces EAW Commercial distributed audio product range


UMX.96 Digital mixing Console with integrated Smaart and Haptic Rotary Controller and high channel count audio over Cat5.


AEAW introduces the AX Series the world’s first wide bandwidth high output symmetrical array system featuring CSA technology


NT Series introduced incorporating EAW/Guinness Focusing that uses DSP to correct loudspeaker anomalies for unmatched impulse response accuracy.


EAW Partners with Rat Sound to bring the MicroWedge family of coax stage monitors to market.


EAW introduces the compact KF740 with CSA™ and Focusing™ technology for outstanding mid and high frequency transient response



Resolution EAW Array Prediction and Control Software, Driven by proprietary EAW FChart acoustics modeling algorithms


EAW Avalon Club series brings advances in form, function, fit and finish united in a pure expression of excellence


Anya world’s first Adaptive Touring Line Array System utilizing high density drivers and beam forming (the culmination of EAW’s20 years of loudspeaker steering development)


Sound Image goes out with Anya for the Tom Petty US Tour


Otto is the world’s first Adaptive™ subwoofer, extending Adaptive Performance™ to the lowest octaves of the audible spectrum


EAW Introduces Anna, providing all of the benefits of Adaptive Performance in a mid-sized enclosure capable of the output of “typical” large format systems


Resolution 2.0 Software–one application for system design, performance modeling, and operation and control of all EAW products


RADIUS introduction the first system with OptiLogic, automatic array self-detection and optimization.


EAW adds QX Series bilaterally symmetrical precise directivity loudspeakers


T.J. Smith new EAW President brings back industry focused management to EAW



RCF purchases EAW from Loud Audio


EAW adds RSX212L Self Powered Line Array System and RSX218 Self Powered Subwoofer System to the RSX Series


New MKD Installation Systems, RSSelf-Powered Series, & KF810 Installation Line Array



EAW introduces NTX & SBX Series


Whitinsville assembly of MKD1200 Series


AC6 ADAPTive Column Speaker


KF210 Line Array: The Best Sounding Everyday Workhorse


Core Technologies

Adaptive Performance

By utilizing multiple closely spaced drivers and processing them individually Adaptive systems are able to provide coverage that is software customizable to your space.  This results in even front to back coverage, less spill into adjacent areas, and systems that requires fewer loudspeakers to achieve the same result as larger and heavier systems.


Dynamic Optimization actively tracks input spectrum and power delivery, continually maximizing output and fidelity at any drive level.

Concentric Summation Array (CSA)

A method of seamlessly integrating MF and HF components within a single horn. With CSA, multiple subsystems sum coherently, without interruption to either HF or MF wavefronts.

Symmetry of Sources

Symmetrical arrangement of acoustic sources along a common axis for utmost consistency throughout the coverage pattern.


Use of advanced digital signal processing to perfect the impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. Eliminating horn “honk” and splashiness, this makes the loudspeaker sound more like a studio monitor than a “PA” speaker.

Phase Aligned LF

Tuned spacing of LF components to extend pattern control without the need for enormous horns.

Beamwidth Matched Crossovers

Introduced over a decade ago for our MK series loudspeakers, EAW Engineers use carefully-designed HF horns and crossovers to eliminate polar irregularities through the crossover point.


Our Team

TJ Smith


TJ is an involved global business leader with over 20 years’ experience in sales,
operations and product development. His dedication and enthusiasm contribute to a thriving work environment determined to engineer and manufacture products that provide creative loudspeaker solutions. He prides himself on leading a close knit, interactive team that shares his vision for EAW’s future. In his free time, he enjoys camping and other adventures with his wife and three sons.

John Mills

Technical Sales Manager East

John has been in the pro audio industry for 30 years and has tuned hundreds of venues from House of Worship installations to Major Arena and Stadium Tours. He was an established front of house engineer before migrating towards system design and integration. When not traveling the country, he enjoys tinkering with electronic projects and 3d printing.

Jonas Domkus

Technical Sales Manager West

Jonas has a long history as an experienced application engineer. Since being with EAW, he has become well known as a valuable training asset to all those who’ve attended one of his events. When not supporting his clients, he can often be found sailing in his
1987 Catalina 30 off the coast of California.

James Bamlett

Director of Sales, APAC

James has been with EAW for over 20 years, starting off as a Product Specialist then quickly climbing the ranks. With a background as a system engineer, he has built strong relationships in his region by offering both great communication and outstanding support with his extensive knowledge of tour sound and the pro audio industry. When not at his office in Kuala Lumpur or travelling the region for meetings and events, he enjoys spending time at home with his family.

Geoff McKinnon

Director of Engineering

Geoff leads EAW’s team of talented and dedicated engineers to develop great sounding loudspeakers that EAW partners can rely on every day.  A hands-on industry veteran with a background in system design and consulting, Geoff has been with EAW since 2010.  His passion for innovation in the pro audio industry has resulted in the award of nine patents as an inventor.  When not in the office, Geoff enjoys swimming, biking, cooking, and spending time with his family.

Richard Muggle

Service and Support Manager

Richard boasts over 20 years in the industry, with many different roles most recently including project manager of Alesis Drums. He uses his vast knowledge to provide world class support to users new and old. When he’s not creating an exceptional customer service experience, he is a very active DJ throughout the New England region.

Steve Badham

Technical Sales Manager EMEA

Steve has been a valuable member of the EAW team throughout the years. From being a technical sales manager, to a part of the application group, he has been vital to the company’s success. When not working at his home in England, he likes to spend time with his many rescue animals, ranging from rabbits up to horses.

Bryan DiFabio

EAW Technical Training Manager

Bryan Develops training programs for all EAW Products and technologies for both internal and external use. He has strong roots in customer service and has also owned his own recording studio. When not working in the office, he is an avid outdoorsman throughout the New England area.

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