Anderson Audio Invests In Anna Adaptive System

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based Anderson Audio recently added an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Anna Adaptive System to their inventory.

“This is a flagship system for us,” explains owner Chris Anderson. “The new Anna PA won’t replace our current systems, instead it will give us the opportunity to build a new client base and get work that we haven’t won before.”

Anderson checked out EAW’s Anya system – the first Adaptive System – when it first debuted. “I was so impressed with the technology,” he adds. “I was hoping they were going to come out with something more compact, a PA that would fit in with the services we provide. When I saw Anna at AES, it all fell into place.”

Anna provides Adaptive Performance for a wide range of applications that require exceptional sound quality, high output and precise coverage. In addition, Anna can adapt coverage to any venue geometry in seconds. Its columns hang straight and if needed array horizontally, the compact footprint and light weight make it ideal for permanent or temporary use in amphitheaters, theaters, clubs, mobile staging and corporate AV. Anderson didn’t hesitate to add 24 Anna modules and 8 of its companion Otto subwoofer modules to his inventory.

“This PA will allow us to provide solutions that other systems simply cannot.” Anderson continues. “This new system is a game changer, a way to deliver perfect sound to every seat, every time. It is not often in this industry that a new technology comes along and elevates its users, truly raising the proverbial bar. This new capability positions us to pursue the festivals, events, concerts and clients that were out of our reach.”

Each Anna module includes 14 highly customized transducers: eight HF compression drivers, four 5-inch MF cone transducers combine, and dual high-power 10-inch LF cone transducers to extend horizontal pattern control well into the lower octaves.  Enclosures also have 14 built-in amplifier and processing channels providing independent power and control of each loudspeaker component.

With Resolution 2 software, Anna can assess 3D coverage of a space, determine processing and configuration for coverage, and then implement this in processing. If coverage requirements change, Resolution 2 can quickly reconfigure and still blanket the area with extremely high fidelity, output and coverage control.

Anderson Audio has been a long-time EAW customer. The Anna PA joins a full complement of KF730, KF740 and NTL720 line arrays; SB1000, SB2001 and NTL250 subwoofers as well as JF and Redline point source loudspeaker solutions.

“Once we received the PA, EAW sent Bernie Broderick and Gino Pellicano to train the team on the new system for two days,” Anderson adds. “It was exceptional. Beginning with audio and acoustical fundamentals, the training is as much a refresher course (hopefully) as it is about the technology itself. The guys take you through how they went back to these basics, took advantage of the latest technologies and research and have not just overcome the deficiencies of the J-shaped line array but also created the best sounding PA system I’ve ever stood in front of. I can’t express how happy we are with this addition to our inventory. We are having conversations with customers that we couldn’t have before. It is sure to help grow business.”


Photo cutline: Chris Anderson (second from left) with EAW’s Jim Newhouse, Rusty Waite and TJ Smith alongside the new Anna rig.
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