Avalon Pushes Night Club To The Extreme

A new S.Muse nightclub, located in the Binhai New Area in Tianjin, China,  recently opened to rave reviews. Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Avalon loudspeakers play a key role in the club achieving its goal of providing over-the-top entertainment and audio for the Tianjin crowd.

Since the first S.Muse outlet was launched in 2005, 17 more  locations have opened in second-tier cities across China. Each venue offers customers a veritable feast of audio and visual entertainment.

The two level night club features a main PA that consists of four Avalon CLUB.two full range loudspeakers mounted 4 meters high and firing down on the dance floor. The CLUB.two features broadband directional control that creates high SPL on the dance floor with minimal spill onto walls and ceilings.

Four Avalon Sub.two subwoofers drive the low end of the club system. A hybrid subwoofer, the SUB.two delivers extreme extension and the physical impact required by high-end night club applications.

Four compact CLUB.four loudspeakers are used as near-field monitors for the DJ booth. Fourteen EAW JF59 and 10 EAW LA128ZR loudspeakers deliver music to the lounge areas on the first and second floor.

The night club system utilizes two EAW UX8800 digital signal processors with the Avalon presets to maintain sound quality while achieving maximum output levels.  

“I think the performance of the EAW Avalon loudspeaker has pushed the sound effects of our club to their extremes,” says Mr. Sun, manager of the Tianjin club. “Avalon is the most amazing dedicated sound system I have heard so far.”