Blackhawk Audio Chooses EAW Adaptive For In-The-Round And More

After 20 years of providing sound reinforcement, White House, Tennessee-based Blackhawk Audio Inc. has invested in an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive System for in-the-round and traditional applications.

The new system, made up of 40 Anna array modules and eight Otto subwoofers, made its debut at the recent Living Proof Live with Beth Moore event hosted by LifeWay Christian Resources at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia.

“We have been using a point source speaker system for our in-the-round events since we started,” explains Rick Shimer, owner of Blackhawk Audio. “It was time to look at what new technology offers. At the end of the day, it was either 96 additional line source boxes and more than twice the current motors, or invest in Adaptive, which was not only more cost-effective than a conventional line source solution, but also allows our team to easily adapt to accommodate any last-minute changes to the venue coverage area.“

With approximately 4,000 people in attendance, Shimer deployed four Anna line arrays, each made up of two columns of five modules each hung at 90° horizontal angles for 360° coverage of the audience seating area. The arrays were hung above each corner of the scoreboard in the center of the arena keeping sightlines open. Two Otto subwoofers were ground-stacked beneath each Anna array for additional low-end coverage.

“We provide sound reinforcement for all of the Living Proof Live events in arenas all around the country,” adds Shimer. “The following week we are providing sound for The Stellar Awards in Las Vegas, which requires a very powerful end stage sound system. Without the trucks returning to the warehouse, our Adaptive PA can be reconfigured and utilized in both applications – it’s incredibly efficient.

Blackhawk Audio was founded in 1986 as a small local sound reinforcement provider and has grown into a company that provides sound reinforcement solutions for corporate events, major tours, and festivals, as well as system design and integration for a variety of venues. The new EAW Adaptive System will offer Blackhawk Audio customers flexible options for their upcoming events or install applications.

“As far as Living Proof Live is concerned, Adaptive technology allows us to keep our speaker count low, keep our motor count the same as it was with our previous system, and best yet, makes the client extremely happy,” Shimer concludes. “I am very much looking forward to seeing this new system in action for many events yet to come.”


Photo Cutline (l-r): Jason Brandt, freelance systems engineer; Chris Boyd, audio engineer; Eric Bronson, audio engineer; Carter Hassebroek, director of live events; Rick Shimer, owner; Rusty Waite, EAW VP global sales; Richie Shimer, audio engineer.
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