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Blackhawk Audio

Blackhawk Audio brings clarity to in-the-round arena events

Beth Moore founded Houston-based Living Proof Ministries (LPM) in 1994 as a ministry speaking particularly to women’s faith. Living Proof Ministries places tough demands on their sound system and gets precise results with EAW’s smartest couple, Anna and Otto.

Worshipers per event
Anya Arrays
Otto ADAPTive Subwoofers


Living Proof Ministries came to Blackhawk Audio for their audio system needs for their touring ministry that serves between 5,000-15,000 worshipers per event. Blackhawk has extensive experience with in-the-round performances like LPM’s and was looking to expand its inventory. After realizing the amount of additional line array modules and motors that would be required, they opted for an Anna/Otto combination allowing them to achieve better results with less setup time in a more compact form factor.

The compactness of Adaptive columns provides reclaimed real estate for lighting and in LPM’s example, four video screens. Resolution software is used to model and control the system for the events, allowing the team to make coverage adjustments, even mid-show.


Beth Moore’s ministry is on the road throughout the year, creating specific sound system needs for Living Proof. For a start, the events employ several large projection screens deployed for in-the-round seating, which limits speaker locations. In addition, the soundtracks of video materials used in the show demand high-quality reproduction.

Speech intelligibility, not a given in arenas, is clearly crucial. And, of course, a ministry on the road needs to save space and weight. Living Proof reached out to Rick Shimer at Blackhawk Audio of White House, Tennessee, for a solution. With more than 30 years of live sound reinforcement and installation under his belt, Shimer was up for a good challenge.

At first glance, Shimer thought it would take a lot of loudspeaker elements to get the required power and fidelity for the 5,000- to 15,000- seat venues in which Moore typically appears. However, having recently attended EAW’s ADAPTive™ systems Level 1 training at Primm Valley Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Shimer realized that Moore’s needs were exactly the sort of challenge ADAPTive systems were designed to meet.


“We have been using a point-source speaker system for our in-the-round events since we started,” explains Shimer. “It was time to look at what new technology offers. At the end of the day, it was either 96 additional line-source boxes and more than twice the current motors, or invest in ADAPTive, which was not only more cost-effective than a conventional line-source solution but also allows our team to easily accommodate any last-minute changes to the venue coverage area.“

Blackhawk outfitted Living Proof with 40 EAW Anna full-range modules and a dozen Otto subwoofers. With only 40 modules instead of the 96 that would otherwise be required, ADAPTive arrays could be much smaller, while still providing full coverage of an entire arena. Blackhawk maintains the same core design for each event, hanging the arrays at
the same locations and trim heights in each venue, and employing EAW’s Resolution 2 simulation software to work out each venue’s variations.

The typical configuration has four Anna line arrays, each made up of two five-module columns hung at 90° horizontal angles for 360° coverage of the audience seating area. The processing racks are suspended above the flybars, keeping cable runs very short.

The system is easy to carry, especially since Blackhawk can transport the system in stacks of five cabinets, all but eliminating rigging chores at the venue. Easy reconfigurability makes per-show adjustments simple, as well as reducing shop time in turning the system around for the next event.

“As far as Living Proof Live is concerned, Adaptive technology allows us to keep our speaker count low, keep our motor count the same as it was with our previous system, and best yet, makes the client extremely happy.”

Turnaround is important because Moore will do at least one arena show a month through the rest of the year, which means the system will be going from, and coming back to, the shop for other jobs, rather than staying out on the road.

On the road, Shimer has enjoyed gain-before-feedback far greater than with the previous system he used with Living Proof. Moore has complimented him on the difference in sound, and Shimer is convinced. “As far as Living Proof Live is concerned, ADAPTive technology allows us to keep our speaker count low, keep our motor count the same as it
was with our previous system, and best yet, makes the client extremely happy,” he concludes. “I am very much looking forward to seeing this new system in action for many events yet to come.


Rick Shimer

Blackhawk Audio was founded in 1986 as a small local sound reinforcement provider and has grown into a company that provides sound reinforcement solutions for corporate events, major tours, and festivals. Blackhawk took the expertise they’d acquired in packaging and wiring and branched out into system design, installation, and integration. Blackhawk’s new EAW Adaptive System offers flexible options for their customers for events or fixed installations. Blackhawk and Living Proof Ministries have maintained a long relationship, spanning more than 100 live events over 10 years.

Resolution models of Anna/Otto for Living Proof Ministries

Anna provides all of the benefits of Adaptive Performance in a high-output mid-sized enclosure. Like all Adaptive Systems, Anna is controlled via Resolution™ 2 software over
the Dante™ network and utilizes the same standardized power and data infrastructure.

Otto is the world’s first Adaptive subwoofer. Utilizing two Offset Aperture-loaded woofers with independent onboard amplification, processing, and networking, it perfectly
balances LF coverage with cancellation to suit your requirements; omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, or anywhere in between from just a single module. In arrays, Otto provides nearly endless possibilities in LF pattern control.

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