Case Study

FUMC was seeking to upgrade their sound system. Because of the historic nature of the building (listed in the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties), no drilling was allowed, requiring reuse of existing hang points. The new sound system needed to be installed exactly where the old cluster was positioned.

Additionally, the room is very reverberant, with significant re ections, posing a challenge for speech intelligibility. The coverage area was approximately 120 feet deep and 140 feet wide, and had to be covered entirely from the central cluster position.

The Anna solution provided the ability to cover the entire venue very precisely from existing hang points. Installation was simple, since no angle had to be applied to the array and only minimal cabling was required. Installation was further simplified through the use of Resolution to model and upload directivity.

First United Methodist Church Equipment list

– Anna (2) in one array – 1x Anna Flybar

Case Study

Purpose Church in Pomona, CA had an outdated audio system. It’s 2,000 seat fan-shaped sanctuary with wraparound balcony necessitates 180° of consistent coverage at every seat. Re ective surfaces abound so the room is very reverberant, and a variety of services and programs along with two distictly di erent music groups dictate that any mix changes must happen instantly.

Enter Anna. 24 of them in a LCR con guration for the wide format sanctuary. Coverages required are full room, main seating only, without the balcony seating, or even small intimate performances. Presets for all were assigned and changes occur with just a few clicks. No mechanical adjustments take place – Adaptive Performance occurs through Resolution 2 software alone.

Purpose Church Equipment list

– Anna (24x Anna 3-Way Full-range Array Modules)

Case Study

Grand Canyon University needed to install a new audio system into one of its 10 new sporting venues on campus and do it in a very compressed timeframe: a single day. The university’s president himself demands high-impact audio that is clear and intelligible while also providing the gut crunching lows in order to energize sports fans.

California’s Sound Image was hired for the hot project and speci ed small high-power QX Series and and matched them with renowned SB2001 subwoofers in six clusters.

Grand Canyon University Equipment list

– QX5 Series 12x QX5-WP, arranged in six clusters of 1x QX594i-WP (for short-throw)  and 1x QX564i-WP (for long-throw)
– 12x SB2001-WP in clusters of 2x behind each QX cluster

Case Study

When the Chesapeake Energy Arena decided to upgrade its 15
year old sound system, they brought in consultants Marsh/PMK.
The arena serves 18,000 patrons and is multi-use, including
full house sporting, concert, and rodeo events. It also has
retractable floor seating and at times closes off the upper
deck for smaller events.

Marsh PMK worked with integrator Ford AV to employ a central
scoreboard system of 40 Anya modules in four arrays of two
columns each. Another deciding factor to use Adaptive was its
namesake benefit of adapting nearly instantaneously to various
coverage requirements through presets recall for the CEA’s
various event styles.

Chesapeake Energy Arena Equipment list

– 40x Anya 3-Way Full-range Array Module
– 8x Anya Flybars

Case Study

ALFC’s new 1,800 seat sanctuary features a fan-shaped room and required even coverage for sermons and music to the entire congregation, so a LCR system of ADAPTive Anna and Otto was chosen. The church offers different kinds of services and events and the system needed to be adaptable while providing uniform SPLs.

Because the system needed to be in place before construction was complete, signal routing was pre-configured, and thus, system tuning would be challenging in an incomplete room. But this is never a hurdle for Adaptive technology. Minimal final adjustments were made, and special attention was given to Otto being summed consistently throughout the room, providing even LF coverage everywhere.

California’s Sound Image was hired for the hot project and speci ed small high-power QX Series and and matched them with renowned SB2001 subwoofers in six clusters.

Abundant Living Faith Center Equipment list

– 26x Anna 3-way Full-Range Array Module
– 4x Otto Subwoofers

Case Study

Arizona State University is doing a multi-phase upgrade of its football venue, Sun Devils Stadium. The system needed to deliver considerable sound pressure levels, and durability was a major concern because the university’s location near Phoenix is subject to major adverse weather conditions, including dust, high wind, extreme heat, and powerful rainstorms. Furthermore, the new system needed be able to repeatedly adapt to changing coverage during the stadium’s phased upgrades. The university wanted a proven, reliable solution.

Sound Image and WJHW were hired to co-design the system. They agreed on an EAW ADAPTive™ system based on Anya modular arrays to provide customized, precisely controlled, adaptable coverage. For powerful long-throw capabilities with broadband pattern control, the two firms chose EAW QX564i three-way trapezoidal enclosures.

Arizona State University Equipment list

– 46x Anya arrays
– 6x QX564i three-way trapezoidal long-throw enclosure

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