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Exploring EAW's Innovative Technologies

Since 1978, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has been a pioneer in the audio field with techniques and technologies that have helped shape the modern professional loudspeaker industry. Our seven patented propriety technologies are engineered to enable each products performance to meet and exceed industry standards. Each one of these not only ensures optimal sonic output, but clear and intelligible sound at high volume levels.  

ADAPTive Performance

By utilizing multiple closely spaced transducers and processing them individually, ADAPTive systems provide coverage that is software customizable to your space. This results in even front to back coverage, less spill into adjacent areas, and systems that require fewer loudspeakers to achieve the same result as larger and heavier systems. 

Among other concepts, this is achieved through driver density, which allows us to digitally steer and form beams to adjust where sound is directed. Anya has 22 drivers, Anna has 14, AC6 has 36, and Otto, our ADAPTive subwoofer, has 2. Each one of these drivers is individually processed and amplified, providing maximum control in each cabinet. 

This allows ADAPTive products to achieve better performance with less cabinets. When comparing 4 EAW Anna cabinets to 8 cabinets of a traditional array, ADAPTive performs better in both output and directivity. It also saves about 200 lbs in overall array weight since less modules are needed.  

EAW ADAPTive performance technology

Concentric Summation Array

Taking advantage of physics, CSA patented waveguide technology seamlessly combines the output of low and high frequency devices into a coherent waveform. This means the sound from each loudspeaker element will arrive at the listener at the same time, allowing everyone to experience the same even and clear sound.  

In this example of AC6, the diamond apertures allow the low frequency and high frequency to join, creating intelligible output.


This process compares the output of the loudspeaker system to its input. The resulting digital signal processing implemented with EAW Focusing corrects for any differences. This means the sound you put into the loudspeaker system is the same sound you get out, providing predictable performance and clarity in the listening area.  

You may have heard our speaker presets referred to as greyboxes. This is our proprietary term for our speaker tuning, and a very large part of the greybox is Focusing.

DynO (Dynamic Optimization)

This technology monitors loudspeaker systems as they approach their performance limits, leveraging digital signal processing to maximize output and fidelity. A loudspeaker with DynO continues to sound clear and full even under the most demanding circumstances. 

Think of this as dynamic compression, or dynamic EQ. The algorithm detects peaks in frequency bands, then limits those peaks only where they occur.  

Beamwidth Matched Crossover

Vocal clarity is maintained with Beamwidth Matched Crossovers, allowing everyone in your venue to understand the words being spoken. This is achieved by meticulously selecting crossover topology to match the acoustic elements within the loudspeaker, therefore maintaining smooth response across all frequencies and coverage angles in the sensitive crossover region.  

Symmetry of Sources

By arranging transducers along a common axis, Symmetry of Sources technology ensures consistency throughout the listening area. This inherent symmetry not only enhances intelligibility in acoustically challenging spaces but also facilitates seamless transitions when deploying multiple loudspeakers.  

Phase Aligned Low Frequency

By careful spacing of low frequency transducers, phase aligned LF technology extends pattern control to the lowest possible frequencies, preventing sound from becoming muddy or hard to understand, all while allowing the loudspeaker to be compact in size.

From customizable coverage to unmatched clarity, each patented EAW technology serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to sonic excellence and innovation. We are here to help you take control of your sound and thrive in the professional sound marketplace.