For great sound and reliability

For optimal sonic performance and to ensure many years of reliable use, EAW loudspeakers must be used with the correct processing. Several options are available:

Native EAW Greyboxes

(.gyx) files — For use with EAW UX processors and UXA amplifiers. Updated 08/24/2023

Greyboxes for QSYS

EAW currently supports QSC Q-Sys and has created a container with plugins for all KF, QX, QXi, MKi and VFi models. Updated 02/14/2024

Configuring Limiters

These instructions should be considered as a general guide and be aware it is the responsibility of the end-user or person configuring the system to protect the loudspeaker system from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Processing

Not all loudspeakers have tabular settings. Some do not require them (except for a high-pass filter in Passive mode), while others require a digital signal processor capable of EAW Focusing(tm). To determine what type of processing your loudspeaker requires, refer to the “External Signal Processing” section of your product’s data sheet.

A Greybox using EAW Focusing provides the following critical features and functions:

  1. EAW Focusing™ – Proprietary impulse response corrections to eliminate horn “honk” and “smear”. This cannot be recreated by all third-party processors using conventional parametric filters.
  2. Greybox Limiting –Greybox-enabled processors and amplifiers automatically calculate the correct limiter parameters for each passband of a loudspeaker.
  3. Gain Optimization and Alignment –Ensures correct crossover alignment and system tonality, even if amplifier gain varies from passband to passband (i.e. more gain on LF channels than on HF channels).


Because all three of these functions are integral to loudspeaker performance, EAW requires Greybox processing for premium-level products. For questions about your specific application and needs, please contact [email protected].