EAW Adaptive System Makes European Entrance At EXIT Festival

Skymusic, one of the leading sound reinforcement rental companies in Europe, recently debuted their new Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive System on the main stage at the EXIT festival, held at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia. This marks the first official debut of an Adaptive Systems in the region.

The three-day festival featured performances by a variety of international bands including Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Bastille, Sister Bliss, The Prodigy, George Clinton and many others. This was the first time many of the FOH engineers had an opportunity to mix an Adaptive system, and it was met with universal approval.

“I was amazed by the long throw coverage and consistency of the system,” explains Ellie Goulding FOH Engineer Joe Harling. “During sound check I made one small modification to the EQ that I ended up changing back during the show. Very nice system.”

The main PA consisted of two hangs of 16 Anya modules hung from scaffolding located to the left and right of the stage, covered by scrim. Serious low end was provided by 24 Otto subwoofers, ground stacked two high in front of the stage.

Paul Cooper, Bastille’s FOH engineer, had some experience with Anya in the past, but this was the first time mixing on a system this large. Cooper adds, “The energy and clear sound of the system continues to impress me.“

Each Anya module includes 22 highly customized transducers that are powered and processed independently to provide extremely high resolution and control. Otto subwoofer modules include two high-power 18-inch cones that utilize Offset Aperture loading to generate four optimally-spaced acoustical sources; one in each corner delivering exceptional efficiency and minimizing harmonic distortion.

Via Resolution 2 software, Adaptive Performance controls all performance parameters of the total arrays to develop an asymmetrical output profile shaped to evenly, and identically, cover the defined listening area.

“The coverage and power of the system throughout the venue was incredible,” says Carlos Herreros, FOH engineer for David Guetta. “It was easily the most crowded night of the festival and I had reports that it sounded terrific everywhere.”

Vladimir Buric, rental department manager for Skymusic, reports equally positive response from all of the engineers that used the system. He concludes, “I can say that every FOH engineer that visited EXIT fest this year would love to have EAW Anya and Otto on their show riders.”

After the EXIT Festival wrapped up, Skymusic moved the Adaptive System to the main stage at the Sea Dance Festival, which took place at Jaz Beach on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. Similar to the EXIT Festival, the Sea Dance Festival drew thousands of fans and featured many of the same bands that performed in Serbia. Once again the EAW Adaptive System stole the show with sonic excellence and exacting coverage.


Photo Cutline: The EXIT Festival utilized left-right hangs of 16 Anya modules each with 24 Otto subwoofers providing low end.
Download hi-res 1: https://app.box.com/s/xs41allmf3tg0pnf05438byl0aonl083
Photo Cutline 2: Sky Music provided their new EAW Adaptive system for the main stage at the Sea Dance Festival held in Montenegro.
Downoad hi-res 2: https://app.box.com/s/fwkh9yznrhy3xhyzonw6ae2w7tkua05v

EAW: Eastern Acoustic Works