EAW Embarks on a Series of Product Launches Throughout North America

EAW is bringing the KF810P, SB818P|F, SB828P, and MKD series to you.  The next stop in the launch series will be Schaumburg, Illinois on October 23 with an additional major training event planned in Phoenix, Arizona before the end of the year.

“We are proud and excited to be able to showcase our newest products directly to our customers outside of a tradeshow demo room environment. This gives us the opportunity to really take the systems for a “walk in the park”. We can demonstrate the performance in a real-world venue, at true show levels. The response from the first event was overwhelmingly positive. We have so many new and exciting products rolling out, and it’s a ton of fun to be able to dig into them with customers new and old.” – Jeremy Forsythe, Director of Product Management at EAW

“The demo was very well received by everyone who attended. The KF810 outperformed everyone’s expectations. Many said the SB818 produced the most SPL and lowest frequency output of any single 18” sub they have ever heard. Others stated that the MKD was useful in multiple configurations and simply sounded amazing.” – James Newhouse, VP of Global Sales at EAW

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