The Brand’s Four New Install Solutions Offer Flexibility and Exceptional Audio for Small and Medium Venues

WHITINSVILLE, MA, FEBRUARY 16, 2023 – Joining its array of esteemed integration solutions, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) announces its new MKC Series 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers. Available in four models—MKC50, MKC60, MKC80 and MKC120—this new line delivers consistent tonality for a variety of applications, even at higher output levels. Combined with the companion UXA4401 and UXA4403 amps, as well as its versatile accessories, MKC acts as a flexible tool to help audio designers provide exceptional sound for any venue.

With various ways to configure and deploy each model, system designers and consultants will have a plethora of solutions for multiple applications.

From restaurants and bars, to houses of worship and performing arts centers, the MKC line is ideal for audio professionals who want to provide exceptional audio in small- and medium-sized spaces. The additional monitoring capabilities of the MKC50 and MKC60, as well as the pole mount options of the MKC80 and MKC120, also make these loudspeakers powerful solutions for production companies.

As this new series focuses on flexibility and versatility, the MKC line offers a full suite of driver sizes for audio professionals working any sized installation, application or configuration. MKC also features multitap transformer options that provide solutions for distributed and fill systems.

Offering the same cutting-edge features for which EAW is known, every MKC Series product is equipped with Focusing™ and Dyno™ technology, as well as beamwidth matched crossovers. Together with propriety concentric technology, a new, innovative port design (MKC50 and MKC60) and CSA technology (MKC80 and MKC120), MKC ensures the best possible performance with powerful and pristine sound at any drive level, across the line. Greybox settings for each model also come preloaded with UXA4401 and UXA4403 Amplifiers, which optimize the performance of the brand’s core technologies.

“We are ecstatic to announce the addition of the new MKC Series to our integration solutions,” says TJ Smith, president of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “We wanted to approach installs from a new angle, so the MKC line offers a spectrum of driver sizes to fill a unique need for various applications. Each cabinet was designed with this in mind, allowing audio professionals to have a wide selection of solutions for their next project, no matter the size of the venue.”

Each MKC Series product has available accessories that make for easy installation and deployment, such as the Pan & Tilt Bracket shipped with the MKC50 and MKC60. Further encouraging its use for a vast range of applications, the enclosures can also be deployed in either horizontal or vertical orientations, with additional deployment options including ceiling brackets. MKC80 and MKC120 accessories include a U-Bracket, ceiling bracket and heavy-duty Pan & Tilt bracket.

The full MKC line is available in black or white to seamlessly fit in to any venue. Inherent weather resistance when used under cover also makes the MKC line fit for temporary outdoor use. Additional WP Models are available for sound designers who have long-term, outdoor installations.