NTX Series

Building on the Radius line of loudspeakers, NTX Series aims to deliver a high performace solution while cutting down long set up times. NTX Series couples unique and intelligent features with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms, production companies, and system integrators. The NTX articulated array features OptiLogic, providing automatic array self-detection and instant optimization including air loss compensation and more.

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NTX Series offers large format performance in a compact and efficient to deploy system helping designers satisfy demanding clients.  Each array module wirelessly communicates with modules above and below.  This greatly reduces setup, tuning time, and opportunities for errors while maximizing the array’s performance.

NTX products and accessories are designed to support medium to large outdoor festivals, corporate events, houses of worship, performing arts centers, and theaters.


  • Self configuration and optimization
  • Dante loop through
  • High output per line-length
  • Isophasic waveguide
  • Configurable without a computer
  • Clean professional look
  • EAW Resolution 2 integration

Simply sophisticated

Designed to streamline setup and deliver maximum results in minimum time, NTX Series couples unique and intelligent features with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms and system integrators. With NTX, achieving optimal sonic performance has never been easier or more accessible. Smart features like OptiLogic™ drastically cut down on setup and tuning time. And, system design and control has never been more approachable. Resolution 2™ provides total system optimization from anywhere in the venue, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application. With the proven sonic performance of EAW’s acoustic design and DSP mastery, plus full Dante™ integration across the line, NTX delivers an intelligent and flexible system to fit most budgets.

EAW’s proprietary Resolution 2 modeling software allows you to accurately predict performance and optimize multiple arrays.


Every EAW product series works seamlessly with our array of software applications designed to make installation easier and sound optimization a more exact science.

EAW Resolution 2, for example, is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software that accurately predicts the performance of multiple arrays within a venue. Driven by EAW’s proprietary F-Chart acoustics modeling software, Resolution is more accurate and powerful than previous generations of software by utilizing measured 3D acoustic data.

Output levels are displayed by varying color using a variety of methods, including 1/3-octave and broadband SPL, A and C weighted. The actual frequency response at any point in a venue can also be viewed. User-defined environmental conditions, specifically temperature and humidity, are factored into these calculations.

Precision at all costs

NTX Series benefits from EAW’s long history of precision acoustical design, game-changing processing, and unwavering commitment to developing optimized components in each and every design. The result is spectacular fidelity at any level.

The power of math

Harnessing powerful integral DSP to optimize audio quality before it even leaves the loudspeaker is a true EAW strength. NTX leverages proven algorithms that have redefined sonic performance.

  • Beamwidth Matched Crossovers™  Introduced over a decade ago for our MK series loudspeakers, EAW Engineers use carefully-designed HF horns and crossovers to eliminate polar irregularities through the crossover point.
  • DynO™ intelligently preserves a clean impulse response even at the highest output levels
  • Focusing™ Use of advanced digital signal processing to perfect the impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. Eliminating horn “honk” and splashiness, this makes the loudspeaker sound like a studio monitor instead of a “PA” speaker.
  • Phase Aligned LF™ Tuned spacing of LF components to extend pattern control without the need for enormous horns.
  • Symmetry of Sources™ Symmetrical arrangement of acoustic sources along a common axis for utmost consistency throughout the coverage pattern.

NTX Series

Powered 10" Line Array


LF 2×10″ cone, 2.5″ VC Vented
HF 1×1.4″ exit, 3″ VC compression drivers Isophasic Wave Guide

Nominal Beamwidth

Horizontal: 90°
Vertical: 12°




140 dB