The UX48 represents EAW’s next-generation GreyboxTM-enabled networked digital signal processor. The UX48 offers Dante, analog and AES inputs and outputs combined with the power of EAW’s FocusingTM and DynOTMprocessing, maximizing performance in any system. The front panel offers access to quick setup functions, with advanced control via EAW ResolutionTM, integrating prediction, control and monitoring in one platform

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Product Description

  • EAW minimal signal path design
  • 48kHz sampling frequency provides for a nominally flat response beyond 40kHz.
  • Three rotary encoders, illuminated buttons and graphical display provide a rapid, intuitive and user-friendly control interface
  • High speed capable and flexible Ethernet communications that supports DHCP, static-IP and auto-IP and direct connection to a computer without the need for a router or a switch
  • Class leading sonic performance achieved by the use of state of the art converters, a 4th Generation Analogue Devices Sharc DSP and highly advanced DSP algorithms
  • Powerful Drive Module concept, abstraction from device centric to speaker based control
  • Innovative Component Presets to allow individual outputs to be used for selected drivers of a loudspeaker system
  • Twelve layers of Parameter Overlays for trouble-free Grouping
  • Unique VX limiter providing dynamic control for passive 2-way enclosures
  • Unique LIR linear phase crossover shapes giving FIR-like performance without the drawbacks
  • Linear phase HF system EQ profiling which provides perfect integration between enclosures
  • Innovative excursion control limiter with sliding High Pass Filter; limits only the damaging low frequencies
  • Transducer thermal modelling provides regulation limiters, addressing long term overload
  • Overshoot limiter governs amplitude of transient signals retaining average power whilst constraining peak energy
  • Dante audio networking with automatic fall over to Analogue or AES3
  • AES3 inputs and outputs, switchable in pairs
  • High performance ‘universal mains’ switch mode power supply, designed in-house
  • Greybox TM enabled
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