Revelation Productions deploys RSX rig for Dreamride Fundraising Event

Radius provides sound for thousands of motorcyclists, automotive enthusiasts and guests from across the world, who come together to support The Hometown Foundation, Inc

The Dream Ride Experience has evolved into a year-long community commitment to celebrate the achievements of the Dream Riders, the true heart and soul of the event. The Dream Riders are Special Olympics athletes and individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities from over 25 different states and three countries. 

The weekend event and year-round movement highlights their determination and willingness to persevere, overcome challenges, and shatter stereotypes.

Revelation Productions (based in Worcester MA) proudly supports the event’s video and audio each year. Boasting a substantial line of RSX series products, they used all of it to cover both inside the show tent as well outside for the entire Farmington CT fairgrounds.

The PA in the main tent consisted of 2 seven box hangs of RSX208L and 2 four box delays of RSX208L, utilizing RSX218 subwoofers for low frequency extension. Six RSX89 were used for small satellite systems around the grounds, and 2 hangs of eight RSX212L were used for much of the coverage outside.

“One of the nice things about the Radius line besides how great they sound is how light weight and power efficient they are,” says Josh Hamilton (Audio Engineer for Revelation). “The tent roof cannot handle much weight, but we can easily fly the RSX208L’s whereas we wouldn’t be able to fly much of anything else.”

Most of the Radius modules were run with Dante and worked perfectly along with many other Dante enabled pieces of audio gear. Around 60 Dante devices in total.

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