SOA Installs EAW at Victory World Outreach Church in Colorado Springs

SOA was established in 2014 by a duo of professional audio veterans who both spent many years in system design and audio engineering. Their expertise has enabled SOA to provide a wealth of knowledge and services to their customers throughout the Colorado Springs area.

The install at Victory World Outreach Church came about when Pastor Paul Jones contacted SOA to request a full evaluation of what it would take to completely redo their audio, video and lighting systems. “The main challenges of the install were rigging and how to get good coverage and still be out of the video screen sight lines with a fairly low roof. We decided to use an end fire sub array which worked out great. There is very little low end on the platform, and it rocks from the stairs outward.” Bob Langlois

“We chose EAW Radius for its affordability and its ability to be driven by Dante. The house tech wanted a complete Dante system from microphones to FOH desk to the speaker system. Of course we never sell anything we don’t completely test in our lab. We were delighted when Radius met our standards for frequency response and linear phase at the price point that it was. We did not expect to have the phase response so good over 500hz.”  Bob Langlois

 SOA deploy their well-established design process which includes a complete evaluation of the physical properties of the room and the performance requirements of the client. Victory World Outreach Church needed a system that was very robust and could handle a very large dynamic range. The church features a full band with a multitude and singers.

“Our favorite features of the system are its size to output ratio, low weight, ease of deployment and still having excellent quality. At SOA we always have projects on the horizon. We are proud to have Radius in our arsenal of products and when it is appropriate to use, we will deploy it again.”  Bob Langlois

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