Tutorial Videos


ResolutionTM Software

SPL Distribution Chart In Resolution 2

Slice View in EAW Resolution 2

SPL Models in Resolution 2

EAW Resolution – Presets

EAW Resolution – Spatial EQ

EAW Resolution – Air Loss Compensation

EAW Resolution – Image Import

Creating Curved Surfaces & Venues in Resolution 2

Building a Model in Resolution 2

Designing a System in Resolution 2

Exporting Array Settings in Resolution 2

Making Assignments in Resolution 2


ADAPTive Systems

Going Online with an ADAPTive System

ADAPTive Coverage Explained


EAW MosaicTM

EAWmosaic – Start Up Scenario / 1 of 4

EAWmosaic – Offline System with Unknown Equipment / 2 of 4

EAWmosaic – Bring in a System Discovered Online / 3 of 4

EAWmosaic – Design Offline, Bring Online / 4 of 4

EAWmosaic – OptiLogic

EAWmosaic – EQ & Voicing

EAWmosaic – RSX18 Cardioid Set Up

EAWmosaic – Driver Test



Connecting to a Radius System

Setting up a Radius Network

DSP Control of a Radius System

Updating RSX/NTX Firmware

Radius Output Check using Resolution 2

Processors & Amplification

UX/UXA Series

UXA4416 Front LCD Screen Navigation

Connect & Control UXA4416 with Resolution

Recalling a Greybox in UXA4416

Updating UXA4416 Firmware

UXA4416 Routing in Resolution

Connecting to UXA4401 & UXA4403

Loading Greyboxes in UXA4401 & UXA4403

UXA4401 & UXA4403 Input/Output Section Overview

Connecting UX Processor & UXA Amplifiers

Loading Greyboxes in EAW Resolution

UX Series Input/Output Section in EAW Resolution