Case Study

Santana 27

"Best Concert Hall in Spain" chooses EAW ADAPTive

Santana 27 is one of the leading concert venues in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It has been hosting popular bands that pass through the Biscayan capital for over 20 years. Santana 27 had the honor of being named the 2024 Best Concert Hall in Spain by the media outlet Mariskal Rock. 

When the venue needed to replace the audio system in its 1,500-capacity main hall, there were complex acoustical requirements involved. The Santana 27 team opted for a state-of-the-art ADAPTive system from EAW, choosing Anna, Otto, NTX210, and RSX12M products to optimize the sound in their space.  



Santana 27 turned to Zentralmedia, a music technology distributor in Spain, to help update its audio system. The team chose EAW, a brand that is well-established and highly regarded in the area and beyond, to offer a solution that could perfectly address the venue’s needs.  

The concert hall needed to renew its aging audio equipment. For the new system, Santana 27 wanted to raise the bar for audio quality throughout the hall by using current technologies such as Dante audio over IP. It was important to achieve a sound response with greater SPL, but with increased intelligibility and consistent coverage throughout the audience area. EAW ADAPTive Anna and Otto coverage capabilities fluently addressed the large, lengthy room with a very challenging balcony space. Meeting the high standards of the top-level bands and technicians coming through the venue every week demanded a reliable audio system to support the expectations of each show.  


EAW offers stand-out solutions for concert halls and nightclubs. For Santana 27, the ADAPTive series was chosen for its unique ADAPTive coverage capabilities, performance, and exceptional sound quality. 

EAW Resolution software and a corresponding Dante network offer digital audio transport and easy adjustability of system coverage and equalization, achieving exceptional sound quality and uniformity for the audience. Resolution software offers complete system monitoring of component temperature and impedance values along with the ability to “heal” around any component failures, leaving the audience coverage of the system completely intact until a repair can be facilitated. A vital feature for a nightclub where scheduling repairs can be challenging. 

Twelve Anna enclosures split between left and right arrays are teamed with eight Otto subwoofers along with two EAW NTX210 that are dedicated to front fill duties. For the stage, EAW RSX12M monitors round out a complete EAW FOH and Monitor system package.