KF210 is a medium format 2-way passive line array designed to support a wide range of applications in a small and easy to deploy package.

The Best Sounding

Everyday Workhorse

Iconic EAW KF audio

All About Sound
(And Power)

Invest in the tool that gets the most done 2×10 provides enough output for most events without the bulk of 12 or 15 inch systems.

Patented Isophasic Waveguide

EAW’s patented Isophasic Waveguide allows each cabinet in the array to combine seamlessly providing even sound to every seat in the listening area.

Key Specifications

Max SPL: 141 dB

Freq. Response: 55Hz – 18kHz

Nom. Beamwidth: 90° x 12° 

UXA Amps & Focusing

UXA Amps and focusing correct for the mechanical limitations of the acoustic system to provide perfect impulse response

Passive & Bi-Amp

When you need more power and clarity switch to Bi-amp mode. For less demanding events switch to passive.

Core Technologies


Symmetry of Sources

Beamwidth Matched Crossovers

Phased Aligned LF


External Hardware

The Details Matter

Everything from the rigging to accessories is designed to help you work efficiency and safety.

Rugged Grill Spacers

Rugged grill spacers protect the grill

keeping it looking new longer.

Retractable Front Rigging

Front rigging retracts to keep it safe 

and concealed when not in use.

Multiple Hand Holds

Multiple integrated handholds make it easier to maneuver KF210 through the warehouse and back onto the truck for the next event.

Recessed Input Panel

The recessed input panel keeps from view and safe from being damaged and allowing KF210 to remain wired up on the cart.

Three Point Rigging

Three point rigging allows one person to

quickly and safely suspend KF210.


The flybar is capable of suspending

20 KF210 at a 10:1 design factor.

Happy Medium

Small Footprint
Easy To Deploy

KF210 can be deployed by small crews while supporting large events.


4 KF210 can be transported on a steel cart. Covers are also available to protect the speakers during transportation.


Built To Last

Rugged construction and weather resistance allow you to use the system for years to come. Service of internal components is supported without removal of the grill.

IP55 Rated

IP55 rating means KF210 can handle any weather an audience is able to withstand. With high corrosion resistant hardware, KF210 stays looking new after years of use.

Polyurea Epoxy
Over Baltic Birch

Heavy duty polyurea protects baltic birch wood construction from the visible wear of constant use.


Frequency Response
141 dB
Operating Mode

Single-amp – DSP w/EAW Focusing™ & DynO™
Bi-amp – DSP w/EAW Focusing™ & DynO™


LF – 2×10″ cone, 2.5″ VC Vented
HF – 1×1.4″ exit, 3″ VC compression drivers Isophasic Wave Guide

Nominal Beamwidth
Horz: 90°
Vert: 12°
Power Handling

LF/HF –  500 W @ 8 ohm
LF –  600 W @ 8 ohm
HF –  150 W @ 8 ohm


NL4 Input & Loop Thru


12.3 X 28.3 X 20.5in (314 X 720 X 520mm)


60lbs (29kg)

Training / Instruction


Add-on Options


KF210 Flybar – 2071074
KF210 Cart – 2071075
KF210 Transport Cover – 2071300

Series Range



LF 2X 10in, 3.0in VC
MF 4X 5in, 1.7in VC
HF 2X 1.4in exit, 3in VC

Nominal Beamwidth

Horizontal – 110° or 80°
Vertical – 10°


50 Hz to 20 kHz